Mon année 2008

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08 avril 2008

Quelle bonne journee!

Today I want to write my article in english! I heard you already say "but what's happen to her!"

I'll tell you I have no idea, but I want to do it! So I'll tell you dear blogger that today Tuesday 8th of April is a good day for me! First my mum called me this morning to tell me that I have the job this summer for July so that is a good point! Second thing I'll work to 7am till 3pm so that is a really realy good point which means I will be able to go to the beach the afternoon everydays!!! I'm sure right now you're jealous!!! hihihi

After, at 1pm when I brought Hannah to the speech and drama I found on the ground 20€ that is not great!!! Now you're definitly jealous of me!! Unfortunatly my Pia is actually sick so it's not a good day for everybody and that's means I will be alone in the english class tonight, but I'll survive don't worry about me I'm a big girl!

Actually I wrote this article in english to show to my dear mum that I can write in english when I want!!! because she's very worried about me because I speak a little french with my french friends but I'm still able to speak english...

Voili voilou los amigos bisous a tous!

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